The carrier of the project

This project is managed by the Movement Ecologique, a politically neutral organisation with the following objectives: the preservation of nature and its landscape, a mobility with the interests of walkers, cyclists and public transport at the heart of its concerns, renewable energy and widespread climate protection, more democracy and citizen participation, a coherent development of the country, a questioning of the economic growth model and new ways in economic policies. Volunteers staff most of our activities.

You can easily become a member online. Or we will happily provide you with written information to your home address. More details can be found at

Oekozenter Pafendall is a partner of the Movement Ecologique. It is also the base for the Movement Ecologique’s headquarters. It holds a large library on the topic of sustainable development. Thanks to its environmental building consultancy services, its consultancy services on the environment, its project and environmental agricultural consultancy services, Oekozenter Pafendall is capable of leading pilot projects and offering concrete and practical advice. In addition the centre offers attractive seminar and conference facilities. More information is available on

The project was created due to the financial support of the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure.