The project

Don’t buy, borrow: „dingdong“ – a project by the Movement Ecologique


Drill, grill or dinghy: most of us have items we only rarely use. Occasionally the exact opposite seems to happen: we need an item we don’t have. “dingdong” offers a solution: now you can share your items with others or search for people willing to lend you what you need. This is really practical: not only do you save money, but you also get to meet new people and you are doing something good for the environment too by reducing waste.

You can easily take part in the project: 


  • Use the website and register here! Add your contact details, indicate what you are willing to lend and publish. Or you search for the item you wish to borrow and get in touch with the owner.

  • Command your post box stickers: Select the items you wish to offer for borrowing and apply the sticker on your post box. Anyone interested simply has to ring your doorbell! 


These two possibilities work independently from each other, but can be used jointly. Taking part is easy and anyone is free to participate. The only prerequisite is a respectful handling of the borrowed object. If you are willing to trust fellow members of your community, then “dingdong” could a great and enriching project for you!

The basis of the project is the swiss initiative that made its way around many european countries.